Monday, August 27, 2012

Mr. Perfect or Mr. Complement?

Every woman is looking for their Mr. Perfect. But as a normal human being, we should realize that everybody is not perfect. So, we should actually hope to meet the Mr. Complement. He should be the one who complete our life. As for me, he doesn’t have to be a rich guy or a handsome guy. I just need someone to hear to my stories, to be with me throughout my hard days, and also to share my joy and happiness.

And I wished that the one guy that boarded the flight with me last June will be my Mr. Complement. I wished that I will meet him again soon. I wished that he was the one who was made for me. Before I met him, I have met a Sabahan guy. Let’s just call him Mr. Playboy. At the beginning, I thought that he would be my Mr. Complement. But in the end, after doing some stalking, I found out that he was only the guy who’s cheated on his wife.

A month after knowing Mr. Playboy, I met the Flite Guy. He gave me his phone number, and I started to text-messaging him a few days later. Actually I saw him wearing a ring the first day I met him. So, I hesitated to text-messaging him. But then, I told myself, it is okay to text-messaging him as a friend. So after that, we started to text-messaging each other not for everyday but for sometimes. I really hope that he would be my one and only. I wished you are hoping for the same Oh Flite Guy!  

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